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Monthlywear is passionately dedicated to providing healthy menstrual cycle and eco-friendly, womb space support products. We believe our organic feminine care products empower women to live better, healthier, happier and more sexually satisfied lives.



This product really exceeded my expectations. As someone who can fill a 30 mL menstrual cup at least twice a day I was surprised at how good these were. No issues of feeling like they were going to leak. They also held up during crossfit workouts. The fit was good not great on my mom body. They are plenty high waisted for a mom tummy, but felt snug when I was extremely bloated, despite sizing up. They wash and dry just fine, don't use fabric softener as it can affect absorbency. I can see myself wearing these for other situations such as trampoline jumping 😄 Lastly, all of the fabric is strong and thick with the perfect amount of stretch.     Bernice L.

I’m very into holistic health therapy and growing up around a lot of island folks I knew about Yoni steam treatment. I’m irregular and whenever my period would come on I’ll cramp like I’m dying bloat crazy ass hell. But when I’m faithfully using this product, my period will come on and I wouldn’t show and bloating, no cramps. Ladies you can use this for cyst, and fibromyalgia, becoming fertile, and to get your ph balance back balanced!                                                                                                                   Leatha J.

  I love this feminine wash it's perfect! If your a women that has medical issues with cysts and can't use regular feminine washes that have perfumes and other crap in it, this is the one. And I think it's a good amount as well, you only really need 1 or 2 pumps in the shower. I've been using the 1 bottle for 2 months and there's still some left in it. This is a great product for women that need something that doesn't have perfume or anything that'll irritate your vagina. I highly recommend this product            Shelly M.


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